The Club at Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin in France

AeroClub Rhône-Alpin is for everyone!

After 6 years of flight training, and more than 1500 hours of flying, taking to the skies is becoming a reality, and the project is born. Creating my own structure is right on the horizon!

I was proposing a completely different model. Where we share our experience and convey our knowledge with conviviality and simplicity while putting the aeroplane at the centre. The necessary European rules were all put in place. And, I found the necessary support for the creation of this exciting new project and off we go.

Why you should become part of the AeroClub

Aeroplane Rental Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin in France


Whether you are a licensed pilot looking for an area in which to fly or want to join a growing flying club, we share your passion for flying and navigation. Contact us for more information and aircraft rentals.

Shared Cost Flights Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin in France


Like carpooling, coavionnage exists and is becoming more popular. The only difference, is that it is mainly for recreational, rather than business purposes.

Recreational aviation is very dependent on an excellent weather. Organising scheduled trips is very difficult. Though, we always have more than one location available during our trips.

So do not hesitate to follow us on Facebook or call us to know more about our scheduled flight plans.

Travel and Theme Outings Aeroclub Rhone-Alpin in France


If you’re feeling a little isolated, or that you’re underachieving; especially if you’re only flying around an airfield or have been going solo only in the Vercors; come and join us. It’s wonderful to restore the meaning of your Private Pilot’s Certificate. The main privilege must be to be able to fly at least throughout the entire country.

We regularly organize outings with gastronomic and cultural objectives. As well as interclub meetings or overflights of areas of outstanding natural beauty. Follow us on Facebook.

Individual accident insurance Included
The membership fee to RSA federation recommended 70 € / year

Rate «Founding member »                                                           600€
Rate «Regular member »                                                              200€
Rate «Occasional member» 1 month                                             40€
Rate «Occasional member» 3 months                                           90€

Hourly flight time rate for   Founding and regular members
145€ / hour

Hourly flight time rate for Occasional members
165€ / hour

Hourly Instruction rate for Founding and regular members
18€ / hour

Hourly instruction rate for Occasional members
30€ / hour

First flight experience
150€ / 1/2 Hour

Initiation flight
174€ / 1/2 Hour

Package flying skills/navigation
Membership rate + hourly flight time «Occasional member»

Individual theoretical courses
30€ / Hour

Group theoretical courses
10€ / Hour

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